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March 3rd - May 22nd

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Included in the

BFB Maintain Program:

5 BFB group workouts per month

entrance into BFB challenges to earn raffle tickets for prize items

access to BFB community activities and events

BFB Maintain Program

Maintain your fitness level and physique

with the BFB Maintain Program.

This is the  best way to stay conditioned and strong  

with the colder weather and holiday season approaching!

The BFB Maintain Program is great for those who need

accountability and consistency with their workouts.


($155/month value)

Included in the

BFB Limitless Program:

UNLIMITED BFB group workouts

during the program

2 - 30 min coaching sessions

to be used at any time

during the progam

entrance into BFB challenges

to earn raffle tickets

for prize items

access to BFB community activities and events

BFB Limitless Program

Break down your limits with the BFB Limitless Program.

This is the time to push outside of your comfort zone to

see what is possible with your body and fitness level.

The BFB Limitless Program is great for those who want to challenge themselves during the winter months.

The combination of access to unlimited BFB group workouts and (2) 30 min coaching sessions, allows individuals to finish 2019 and start 2020 with more endurance and a stronger, more toned physique


($290/month  value)

Included in the

BFB Shift Program:

UNLIMITED BFB group workouts

during the program

4 - 30 min coaching sessions

per month

Customized Strength Training Program plus HIIT Workouts to be completed outside of BFB workouts

entrance into BFB challenges

to earn raffle tickets

for prize items

access to BFB community activities and events

BFB Shift Program

Get ready to revolutionize your mindset and body

with the BFB Shift Program.

This program is ideal for those who truly want to

encourage the biggest change in their fitness and physique.

The weekly 30 min coaching session will help individuals

stay on track with their workouts and nutrition

while the unlimited access to BFB group workouts

plus customized training plan will ensure results.

The BFB Shift Program is designed for those who need

more accoutability, direction and want to see

the biggest shift in their habits and body.


BEST VALUE: ($544/month value)

Spaces in the

programs are


Reserve your

spot now!

BFB Program Testimonials


I'm definitely the strongest and  most fit I've ever been. It was a great feeling to see my body tone and have the right curves (my butt looked damn good in jeans). I felt really good about my health and fitness.


It was nice to get to know another group of  women. I like to be around other people pushing me and we would share ideas and tips. I would recommend a BFB Program to anyone who wants to change their health habits.


I definitely achieved a new level of fitness, and I will use what I’ve learned for the rest of my life. The socials, raffle ticket challenge, and all the extra touches really helped to bring everyone together.


Hear from the BFB team...

Try a BFB Group Workout

Flow of a BFB Group Workout:

HIIT Cardio Circuit

Lower Body Strength Circuit

Upper Body Strength Circuit

Metabolic Finisher

60 min long

BFB Group Session Times:

Tuesday & Friday           6am

Tuesday & Thursday       9:30am

Wednesday & Thursday  12pm

Monday & Wednesday    6pm

BFB Group Workout Location:

acac Downtown

111 Monticello Ave

Charlottesville, VA 22902

BFB Group Workout Info 

Need help finding your fit?

"After years of being a personal trainer and coach,

I have finally developed the BFB training programs that DELIVER on its claims!

No matter which BFB Program you choose,

you will feel energized during and

after the workout while getting closer

to your fitness goals.

Plus, you will join a community of inspiring and motivating women.

Throughout the winter, there will be

BFB events such as Sunday brunches,

weeknight happy hours and Saturday hikes.

This is a great way to

connect with other like-minded women

and keep each other accountable

outside of our workouts!

Within our BFB community, there will be

fitness, nutrition or personal challenges

that you can choose to compete in.

Challenge participants or winners

will receive  raffle tickets  that they can

redeem for AWESOME prizes.

Examples of prizes are gift cards to acac,

60 min massages, swag from the acac logo shop and personal training packages.

By joining any BFB Program, you are putting your physical and mental health first!"

From Me...


DATES: 3/3 - 5/22

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